Toddler Constipation

Chronic toddler constipation is very upsetting for a parent. In this article I want to cover an effective approach to this condition for many children. While I treat many infants for constipation, sometimes older babies suffering from chronic constipation need a specific type of help.

How do you know when your child has chronic constipation? Well, there is a simple indicator: have you ever counted the days between your child’s bowel movements? If you have then please read on ...

Conor's Story

Conor was aged 13 months when he came to see me with his mum, Lillian. He was taking medication for constipation since infancy and now Lillian was looking for help. Lillian was keen to do something as early as possible, as his sister had only recently had free bowel movements at 7 years of age!  She preferred not to repeat that with Conor.

She hoped to avoid long term medication for Conor when brought him to my clinic in Elmwood for craniosacral therapy. When her doctor heard she was coming to me, she was initially sceptical but more about that later!

For the first two treatments Conor needed to be in his mother's arms while generally sucking on a bottle or soother. I worked with a light touch on areas of restriction along his spine, neck and head. As the sessions became more comfortable, his body he began to relax and he took little notice of me - and needed less attention from his mum.

Over the following two weeks his bowel movements occurred more regularly. Under his doctor's supervision Conor's medication was slowly reduced and then stopped. The doctor observed the positive changes in Conor and asked Lilian for my contact details. She now refers other children with constipation for craniosacral therapy.

Lillian was managing Conor's constipation with medication but with craniosacral therapy she found a "medicine free" way to maintain Conor's health.

I have outlined Conor's case here as it would be typical of the older babies I see presenting with constipation. However, each child is unique and the treatment is adapted to suit as needed. I have found that while Craniosacrl therapy is not the absolute answer in ALL toddler constipation situations - it works in a high number of incidences. We can usually decide if there are further complicating factors within the first treatment.

Into the future, I would advise Lillian to bring Conor for a maintenance craniosacral session every few months or whenever she feels a little extra help is needed.

Are you in this situation with your child?

What steps have you taken to remedy the condition?

How have they worked for you?

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