Vacuum delivery and Craniosacral Therapy

by Ellen

My son Nathan was born at 38 weeks and 2 days with the help of vaccuum. His birth was quite a traumatic event both myself and my son sustained injuries during the delivery.

I first heard of craniosacral therapy from family, friends and also leaflets in my sons health nurse centre - also from the health nurse herself.

When we first met Carina, she put me at ease by going throughly through what it involves. She demonstated what the touch would be like on my son and what else would be involved etc. Some of the treatments fascinated me by how relaxed he seemed afterwards.

The "rebirthing" session was particularly interesting, but some were hard, because of the muscles having to let go and loosen out, mainly around his neck and lower back!! This would have him a little distressed, but Carina would quickly distract him. :)

My son went to Carina with a misshapen head, a bad squint in his eye, diffculty with his bowel movements, and a strong stiffness of his entire left side,more so he constantly used to toss his head while trying to sleep. He also constantly leaned towards his left side and would not hold objects or make any attempt to use his left side.

He would have periods where he would cry in pain for what seemed like no reason at all and would stiffen his whole body and then just stop.

He has now just finished his treatments, and everyone has commented on how the treatment has made a dramatic difference with his development. Within two treatments his was holding toys - and is now actually shaking them and throwing them. He sleeps a lot better without all the tossing and turning. His bowel movements have increased dramatically with the treatments and he no longer has all the grunting, groaning and pressure with each bowel movement.

Nathan is now even laughing and baby-talking very frequently now aloud, his squint has dramatically improved - he was lagging behind in developtment, but Carina has helped get him right back on track :).

I would highly reccommend Craniosacral Therapy and also Carina, it has made a dramatic change in my sons life and my own - Carina was really nice and friendly and caring towards us, made me feel at ease and Nathan absolutely loved her, smiled the minute he saw her each session. xxoo

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Jun 05, 2014
Birth trauma and Craniosacral therapy
by: Carina

Ellen brought Nathan for Craniosacral as a small baby. He improved steadily over several sessions.It was a pleasure to see him respond so positively to this therapeutic touch!

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