Vacuum Delivery

by Róisín

My name is Róisín and my daughter Dearbhla got craniosacral treatment from Carina. We started the treatment when Dearbhla was seven weeks old. I had heard about the treatment from friends and it was recommended in the ante-natal classes.

Dearbhla was vacuum-delivered and the nature of her birth encouraged me to get the treatment for her. Before the treatment Dearbhla was good at times however she was not an easy baby. However, as she is my first baby I thought this was normal.

I breastfed her and while this went well she had major issues with wind and it could take hours for her to get wind up. Dearbhla needed a number of treatments. Although Carina was very gentle with her Dearbhla would cry a lot during the treatment. This was especially apparent when Carina was working with her neck.

Dearbhla also "rebirthed" during one session which was distressing for her. Although at times, especially during these hard sessions for her, I really felt like discontinuing the treatment as it was very hard to watch your child like this. However, I was reluctant to do so as it was clear that there was a problem otherwise she wouldn't be so upset.

Also, after the sessions she didn't seem upset. As we continued with the sessions there was a definite improvement in Dearbhla. People commented that she was much more relaxed in herself and happier. She is now finished the treatment and she is a very happy, alert and smiley baby. She is very social and relaxed.

The benefits in craniosacral therapy are immeasurable however, unless you get the treatment you will never know the benefits of it and how it will improve your child's and your life.

I would highly recommend the treatment and would advise anyone to stick with it even when it is hard as the advantages are worth it!! Thank you very much Carina.

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Dec 04, 2011
Reassuring story!
by: Karen

Hi Roisin

Your story is very similar to mine so I'm
delighted to hear your little girl is now a happy little bunny. My thirteen week old little girl
was also a vacuum delivery and is due to have her third cranio sacral session tomorrow. It's awful to see them so distressed during treatment but having read your story, it's reassuring to know it's worth it all in the end.

Wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas.

Mar 10, 2011
It can take time...
by: Carina

Roisin,happy to hear that everything is still going great. Delighted that you persevered as this makes a huge difference for Dearbhla. All the best,Carina.

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