Recovering from the symptoms of Whiplash.

Whiplash treatment - what is the best approach?

Mark's Story.

Last year, Mark was in a serious car crash.

Luckily, he walked away from the accident without obvious or serious injury. He was released from hospital with soft tissue bruising, but within days he was suffering from neck and back pain and had difficulty in both moving and sleeping.

Having been given the all-clear from the hospital, Mark was advised to come for CranioSacral Therapy as soon as possible. I began treating Mark fourteen days after his accident.

In consultation with his Physiotherapist, we worked towards a programme of recovery for Mark. He attended CST once a week for six weeks and then attended his Physiotherapist, returning for CST every few months.

He noticed an improvement in pain after the second treatment and after six treatments was back running (Mark was a serious runner!) for up to ten minutes.

CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle and non-invasive treatment whichstrengthens the body's defenses and healing processes - and as a result can be used very soon after such a serious accident. For Mark's Whiplash - a release of the restictions along the length of the spine allowed us to gently free the neck on the third session.

What was especially beneficial for Mark was the immediacy of his treatment, the holistic approach involving other health practitioners and Mark's own good health previous to the accident.

Even I was surprised and delighted at his speedy recovery!

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