Warning Signs You Need to Replace Your Duct

Are your utility bills suddenly inexplicably skyrocketing? Is your home’s air quality making you and your family ill, even though no one has a cold or other easily identifiable illness? Does it seem like hot and cold spots are cropping up randomly throughout the house?  

If so, these may all be signs of something wrong with your ducts and need to be replaced.  

Keep reading to learn how to identify when it’s time for a duct replacement Fairview TX service! 

You Hear Whistling Sounds 

Ducts are an essential part of your home, regulating the flow and temperature of air throughout the house. Over time, ducts can become worn and create irritating whistling noises. This is not something to take lightly; these sounds can veil more significant issues like general inefficiency and waste exacerbated by a lack of maintenance or premature failure of parts.  

Even worse, it could lead to unhealthy air flowing into your living space. Inspecting your ducts regularly is essential to ensure they’re functioning correctly.  

If you hear whistles from within the ducts, this indicates that they need to be replaced immediately if you want to maintain efficiency and air quality. In other words, don’t ignore the whistles! 

You Notice Hot and Cold Spots 

Don’t be fooled by hot and cold spots in certain rooms of your home! It’s a tell-tale sign that you need to replace your duct. Over time, your duct accumulates dirt, dust, and other debris, affecting your heating system’s efficiency.  

When this happens, some areas get heated or cooled more than others, leaving you with little islands of hot or cold spots that don’t spread evenly through the home. 

Avoid this problem by replacing your duct if you see signs of hot and cold spots. 

Your Ductwork is More than 15 Years Old 

If your ductwork is more than 15 years old, it is time to replace it. Experts suggest replacing your ductwork at least every 15 years to prevent heating and cooling system inefficiencies that can result in higher energy bills.  

Modern technologies have enabled significant improvements to insulation, materials, and the design of ducts, resulting in lower dust buildup and better air quality.  

Not only will replacing your ducts ensure you don’t experience breakdowns, but they’ll also increase the comfort levels within all spaces served by the HVAC system.  

Ultimately, replacing older ducts with newer models increases airflow, reduces air losses, and improves overall efficiency – a win-win situation in every sense! 

There’s a Pest Infestation 

Failing to replace your duct if there’s a pest infestation can create other health and safety risks. Pests can spread illness and disease like humans; they crawl through the ducts, leaving droppings and bacteria in the system.  

In addition, these pests may carry other problems on their bodies that could enter your home, leading to a never-ending cycle. Besides posing threats to your family’s physical health, pests can damage the wiring within your air duct system, making it difficult for you to properly care for yourself in terms of clean air.  

Replacing your duct as soon as possible is critical; don’t let your family suffer due to this hazardous issue!