It’s 2022, and drone photography is more popular than ever before. Real estate is no exception—professional real estate marketers are now using drones to market their property listings in revolutionary ways!  

If you’re looking to get the most out of your real estate drone photos, this blog post has got you covered with actionable advice to maximize your marketing material’s impact.  

From utilizing top-level equipment to selecting the right angles, we’ll guide you through each step to achieving excellent results for your drone service in McKinney, TX.  

Stage the House Beforehand 

Regarding real estate drone photography, success largely depends on preparation and staging. A little effort on the front end can go a long way in setting you up for a great shot.  

Taking the time to tidy up your house and yard, remove any unattractive objects from the picture, and add highlights such as chairs or accent rugs can significantly impact the final product.  

Additionally, ensure all lights function correctly before starting your shoot—nothing says “won’t sell” like shoddy lighting!  

With careful attention to staging details, real estate drone photography can easily show off a property’s best features. 

Plan for Traffic 

You must consider the traffic from the start when planning to capture excellent real estate drone photos. You should survey the area for obstacles like tall buildings, phone lines, and trees that may block sight lines.  

For best results, the photographer should look for times when there is less air and ground traffic so that the purity of each shot is maximized. Furthermore, avoiding rush hour will make getting those magical “flying over” shots easier without any distractions or risk of collision with other aircraft.  

When planning a shoot, any real estate agent can successfully incorporate stunning aerial shots into their portfolio by taking these simple steps into account. 

Plan for Weather & Light 

Capturing the perfect real estate drone photo requires careful planning. Before taking off, consider the time of day, weather conditions, and light direction. If you’re looking to capture the most vibrant colors, time your shoot for when the sun is highest in the sky.  

If you’re shooting interior photos, look for diffused light; midday is often an excellent time. Don’t forget about the wind either – higher winds make for fuzzier images and can reduce the stability of your device.  

With careful forethought on these factors and others, you should be able to get that picture-perfect shot! 

Pick the Right Settings 

It’s vital to get the settings right for quality images. Shooting in RAW will give you more flexibility when editing your pictures and configuring the exposure settings, resulting in beautiful outdoor photos with prominent colors and details.  

You can also play around with shutter speed which helps you achieve some motion blur effects in the atmosphere, making otherwise static shots all the more intriguing.  

Lastly, experiment with different angles – while shooting high-angle views is preferred for showcasing properties, low-angle views can provide great drama to exterior shots.  

Ultimately, choosing the proper settings will help you capture great looking drone shots.